ALLiN partners MECSS to bring quality education to rural Mongolia


ALLiN has signed an agreement with the Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) to roll out its Jnrlink® program in Mongolia through the Mongolia Digital School. This initiative will bring quality education to more than 350,000 young Mongolians,

including and in particular children in the ger districts, in line MECSS’s Sustainable Development Vision 2030 for early childhood education and towards a “knowledge-based society and a skilful Mongolian.”

Studies have shown that children in rural areas are not only less likely to attend formal education compared to their peers from cities, those who do attend public education also lag behind those in urban areas in a number of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities.

ALLiN aims to provide a solution to this education challenge worldwide. ALLiN’s proprietary and patented learning program has been successfully implemented in Guizhou China, one of the poorest regions in China. An independent research study conducted by Dr Chen Si of Harvard University Graduate School of Education showed that the program has, statistically, significantly improved the children’s expressive and receptive vocabulary of their Mother Tongue, and in English. It has also statistically significantly impacted on the children’s cognitive development in terms of focus and attention.

The research also noted that ALLiN’s program design took into account the professional training, educational background and turnover rate of the local teachers. It effectively empowered the local teachers to use the program, and provided professional development for the teachers, with led to improved learning outcomes for the children.

Implemented in two phases, ALLiN’s partnership with MECSS seeks to improve the quality of education services in Mongolian rural areas through the implementation of a digital school model to more than 2,000 schools in Mongolia, including in the ger and rural communities.

The project’s first phase will see more than 500 teachers from 80 selected schools trained in the program, impacting up to 22,000 students. The program will subsequently roll out countrywide.

Prior to the signing, the ALLiN delegation paid a courtesy call to the Director General of the Education Policy Department Mr. Tumur-Ochir Nyam-Ochir, and briefed Ministry officials on the project details.

The delegation also visited several educational and social institutions in Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding countryside and in the ger districts, to get a better understanding of the local needs and challenges and the existing efforts aimed at overcoming them.


ALLiN’s project in Mongolia has been endorsed by UOB Venture Management on the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)’s Dealshare Platform. Interested supporters are invited to join hands with us to change the lives of Mongolian children for years to come. Please contact [email protected] for more details.